Change for the Better

The only prerequisites for successful change are a willingness to learn and make small incremental changes that will result in increased levels of resilience and an ability to deal with change that does not result in negative stress.

Change both inside and outside of the business world is becoming increasingly complex, fast-paced and ambiguous resulting in feelings of uncertainty, confusion and fear.

Our ability to deal effectively with the nature and pace of change is being tested daily and resulting in reduced resilience levels and increased negative stress. This is UNSUSTAINABLE.

When Dealing with Change and Building Resilience you should understand what’s going on in your brain when faced with unprecedented levels of challenge:-

  • move through the change process quicker
  • change your current perspectives about how you think about change
  • bounce back out of the dips of work and home life
  • return to thinking clearly and rationally regardless of the levels of pressure
  • make informed, balanced decisions and
  • problem-solve in a calm and considered state    

Explore at a deep level what good and bad stress is, the nature and origins of change from our earliest of times and how you can override our evolutionary instinctual reactions to be able to respond and tackle life and work challenges head-on – with a calm and considered demeanour.

The ability to stay cool under pressure is a critical element of being an effective corker, manager or leader. You need to role model the behaviours we expect in others and that includes understanding your emotions, your emotional responses and how to dampen down heightened emotions and respond calmly.

You should leverage leadership and management experience that deliver strategies that work, making lasting, sustainable behavioural and attitudinal change.

Focussing on the work to deepen knowledge and understanding accompanied by an appropriate and comprehensive set of reflection questions, should be the guiding light, with a vision that leaves your teams well directed with targets to deliver.

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