Achieve and maintain GDPR compliance without the hassle

By leveraging my GDPR services you can free up your internal resources, take the pain out of staying compliant with GDPR policies and avoid data breaches.

Whether you’re just starting out on your GDPR compliance journey, or you’d like to review your existing policies and procedures, I have a range of solutions to suit your needs.

GDPR gap analysis

Our GDPR gap analysis service explores your business policies, processes, resources, governance and technology to identify areas of non-compliance. You will receive a comprehensive report showing your current level of compliance against the requirements of the GDPR.

This service is perfect for organisations that are just getting started in their compliance journey.

GDPR implementation

A GDPR implementation project typically follows on from a GDPR assessment (gap analysis). The purpose of an implementation project is to develop the necessary policies, procedures, processes, and documentation to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

We take a fully customised approach to GDPR implementations to address your specific business needs. An implementation project will also train your staff to ensure data protection becomes second nature throughout your business.

GDPR audit

Once you have implemented a GDPR framework and achieved a satisfactory level of compliance, it’s important you regularly assess your position to make sure it is being maintained. That’s where my GDPR audit service can help.

I will help you reassess your compliance framework once or twice a year and check that staff are following policies and procedures.

GDPR consultancy

If you’d like the reassurance of having a GDPR expert on hand in case you ever need support or guidance, we can help. My GDPR consultancy service provides ongoing, monthly access that can give you advice on any compliance matter.

We can also provide ad-hoc support for one-off projects such as

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Subject Access Requests (SARs)
  • Updating documentation
  • Answering questions related to GDPR compliance

Other solutions

Compliance is a continuous journey, not a destination. It’s important to keep your strategy up to date and ensure that your data privacy and security policies are reviewed regularly.

We can help you maintain your compliance and achieve cyber security best practice with our range of additional services:

  • Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) – If you need help managing data protection in your organisation, our outsourced DPO service has you covered.
  • GDPR staff training – Keep your staff educated, informed and aware of their data protection responsibilities with a variety of GDPR training services.
  • Security awareness training – In addition to GDPR training, we can help train your staff to recognise and protect themselves from phishing attacks and other cyber security threats.